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    Some websites, like CSGODouble, have posted notices that they will return inventory to gamblers, while others have yet to make a statement. GO on sale but I forgot to buy the steam card and never got around to buying and playing.

    I made it out of boredom. More people look decently dressed than ever, websites are more attractive than ever, TV in general is looking a bit classier and so on I think we can thank Apple and Google in part for this. I too am clash addict for the same reason. I did it because Ggo liked the skins and it was really the only game I was spending money on. Counter strike cases are akin to purchasing meth. Oh, you now want to paint all your stuff?

    cases? Here's how! Okay I'm going to be honest. I've spent WAYYY too much money on CSGO. There 12 Jan But it seemed way easier to sit there and spend money on CS: GO I have since

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